1. Bar Review
2. Patent Bar Review

1. Bar Review

How to Study for the Bar Exam in Three Days

Bar Cards 

Bar Cards Complete Set 

Multistate Bar Examinations 


Sum & Substance: Multiple Choice & the MBE 

Bar Breaker Vol. 1 and 2 

Strategies & Tactics for the MBE
(Law in a Flash)

You Can Pass the Bar Exam 

A Better Way to Study for the Multistate Bar Exam 

Don't Stress the Bar Exam


MBE Survival Kit 

Scoring High on Bar Exam Essays: 
80 Full-Length Sample Bar Exam Questions

You Can Pass Any Bar Exam

The Finz Multistate Method 

Mastering the MBE: 
Test-Taking Strategies for Scoring High on the Multistate Bar Exam

2. Patent Bar Review

Guidebook to Patent Law: 
A Handbook for the Patent Bar Exam

Patent Bar Exam Prep Workbook


Patent Bar Exam: 
The Best Test Preparation and Review Course

Patent Law Essentials: 
A Concise Guide


Professional Responsibility (Black Letter)

Gilbert Law: Legal Ethics

Law in a Flash: Professional Responsibility

Law in a Flash:
Professional Responsibility/MPRE

Professional Responsibility
(Law School Legends

Professional Responsibility in a Nutshell

Professional Responsibility (Professor Series)

Professional Responsibility
(Quick Review)

Professional Responsibility
(Roadmap Law)

Siegel's Professional Responsibility

Modern Legal Ethics (Hornbook)

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