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Washington Bar Exam



Format, Content, & Grading of the Washington Bar Exam



All data provided below are subject to change by a decision at any time by the Washington bar examiners.  When any changes are made, they will be posted on this site.

The Washington Bar Exam is a three-day exam -- Tuesday, Wednesday, and a half-day on Thursday, with the substantive essays on Tuesday and Wednesday and the ethics portion on Thursday.

Washington does NOT use the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) and does NOT require the MPRE.

Days One and Two (Tuesday and Wednesday):  
Substantive Exam 
18 Essay Questions

Third Day (Thursday):  
Six Short Essay Questions 
Testing the Washington Rules of Professional Conduct.

Subjects Tested:

Administrative Law
Civil Procedure
Commercial Transactions (Art. 1, 2, 3, 4 & 9)
Community Property
Constitutional Law (State & Federal)
Consumer Protection
Criminal Law
Criminal Procedure
Family Law
Real & Personal Property
Rules of Professional Conduct
Probate & Trusts

Grading of the Washington Bar Exam:

You must pass both parts, the substantive portion and the ethics portion.

If you pass only one but not the other, you are permitted to retake only the failed portion.

Each question is worth 10 points. 

To pass the Washington Bar Exam, you must receive a total grade of at least 126 on the substantive portion and a total grade of at least 42 on the ethics portion.

Washington generally releases the results of the Summer exam in early October and the results of the Winter exam in mid-May.

Washington Bar Exam Details

Admission on Motion 
(i.e., without having to sit for the bar exam)

Washington admits attorneys from other states or U.S. territories under procedures similar to those under which Washington lawyers could be admitted on motion to the bar of the other jurisdiction.

Washington has special procedures for persons who are In-House Counsel. 

For further information, contact:

Washington State Bar Association
2101 4th Avenue, 4th Floor
Seattle, WA 98121
Telephone: (206) 443-WSBA
(800) 945-WSBA
Fax: (206) 727-8320

Exam Dates:

Winter 2007
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 
February 27, 28, March 1, 2007

Summer 2007

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
July 24, 25, 26, 20037

Filing Deadlines and Fees

Filing deadlines and fees are subject to change.  Contact the Washington State Bar to learn the rules in effect at the time of your application.

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